Top 10 heavy wine drinking countries: 2014 WHO report


Global status report on alcohol and health 2014 by WHO revealed that worldwide, 3.3 million deaths in 2012 were due to harmful use of alcohol. According to the report released on May 12, alcohol consumption can cause more than 200 diseases, including some types of cancers.  Heavy drinkers are also vulnerable to tuberculosis and pneumonia infections. The report also unveils that alcohol causes a higher percentage of deaths among men than among women – 7.6% of men’s deaths and 4% of women’s deaths.

“We found that worldwide about 16% of drinkers engage in heavy episodic drinking – often referred to as ‘binge-drinking’ – which is the most harmful to health,” WHO website quotes Dr Shekhar Saxena, Director for Mental Health and Substance Abuse at WHO.

The report shows that Europeans remain the most heavy drinkers (in pure alcohol consumption category) in the world. The consumption level is also stable in Africa and the Americas, though increases have been reported in the South-East Asia and the Western Pacific regions.

When it comes to wine, though, the geography changes. Stereotypically we used to consider France as a wineland! But take a look at top 10 heavy wine drinkers in this report!  The figures indicate liters per capita as of 2010.

1. Timor-Leste

75.9 l  liters per capita


2. Italy

65.6 liters per capita


3. Sao Tome and Principe

60.2 liters per capita


4. Uruguay

59.9 liters per capita


5. France

56.4 liters per capita


6. Portugal

55.5 liters per capita


7. Georgia

49.8 liters per capita


8. Switzerland

49.4 liters per capita


9. Denmark

48.2 liters per capita


10. Argentina

48.0 liters per capita


Feature image credit: André Karwath